The Mars Chronicles | Episode Five | Featuring Joshua Reid and David Whitehead

The Mars Chronicles continues in order to capture the curiosities of one of our solar system's most unique planets. Mars, the iconic red glimmer of hope among the stars for some is a subject that might extend past some of our basic understandings of reality. In this series, Joshua Reid and David Whitehead share ideas regarding Mars and extrapolate further to explore other planets, moons, space, the solar system, and beyond.

There are over 5000 ancient pyramids on our planet. There are pyramid structures in various oceans. There are even pyramid structures photographed on Mars. It is a main symbol of wisdom keepers and religion, and also criminal syndicates, secret societies, Masonic orders, and ancient cults.

Who built them, and why?

What hidden mysteries are uncovered when these great monuments are understood?

This and more...

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